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Purpose: To sell clothes to women.  They sell lingerie, pajamas, teen clothing, and women’s clothes. 

Evidence: They’re well known and trusted clothing line, in which has been in business since 1977

Ethics: Though people may find the scandalous-ness of Victoria’s Secret

Visual Communication: The page is easy to navigate around, with broad choices along the top.  Within each subgroup, they have other options along the left bar that allows you see sales, different available subsections. 

Delivery: They colors and visuals they show are there to draw in the attention of the audience.  The availability of each image allows the audience to see what they are ordering or want. 

analyze facebook page: Forever21

I choose the forever21 facebook page.  The intended audience is anyone, specifically those who shop or like the fashion of Forever21.  they have 4,291,336 viewers. On their page they have a wall for posting, INFO giving information on their store, a F21 GAME which you can play and receive gift cards, PHOTOS of styles and up to date outfits, DISCUSSIONS which are like chat rooms for people on the site, EVENTS like sales and things at the store, LINKS that viewers posted about anything, F21 FEATURES which are the seasonal style showcase, and QUESTIONS which they have asked their audience. 

The audience can see the sales for the store and the locations near them.  The audience also has the chance to interact and potentially receive discounts or gift card by playing their game.  And by answering their questions they can help the store mold their style according to their audience.  Through these games, questions, and wall the viewers have a feeling of belonging and involvement with the site and company. Though this site could show more sales and events pertaining to certain areas.

Reading Response

Cultures in our world vary greatly.  Though culture can bring people together, it can also tear groups apart.  By using mass communication for good, we as people can contribute to maintainingand creating culture.  It was unbelievable all the statistics about the world and the United States having to do with TV, Internet, and radio usage.  To imagine that on average we spend 2 months out of the year watching television is mind blowing. 

An example that was explained was the image and writing that was published by Yahoo! news after Hurricane Katrina.  They used two pictures and two different captions to describe a white coupe and an African American man wading through water.  They made the African American man appear to have stolen a loaf of bread from a grocery store, while the white family “found” a loaf of bread and some soda from a grocery store.  Many people across the world were enraged from their racism and the article and images were removed from the site.  This demonstrates the effect of cultures in mass communication.  The reporter writing this article obviously was not considerate or equal about the representation of the people in the pictures, which should make all people of all cultures angry.

Though mass communication can be used in a negative way to put down a culture, if utilized correctly, it can benefit and unite cultures around the world

Website design

Google is a widely used website that is used by people of many ages all over the world.  Its a search engine that is user friendly and is run by typing in key words that are linked to sites and articles.  It has different types of search types that are displayed across the top of the page to allow the user to look for pictures, shopping, news, maps, etc.  Google uses white space so that the users are not confused.  The purpose of the site is clearly shown by the typing bar and the search button.  It is easy to find information and simple to use. 

Ethically Google does not establish any credibility or limits.  It is simply a search engine, which can be unethical.  People can search anything about any topic or anyone that is available on the web.  And it does not necessarily mean the information is true or good. 

Google though plain and simple, is very useful and easy to use.  You just type in a word and articles are brought to you!


FACILITIES: Hot water outage tomorrow at Fike

Fike Recreation Center will not have hot water Friday, Feb. 18, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. due to plumbing repairs scheduled for the morning.

For questions related to this outage, contact Herb Parham at 656-2186 or Tony Franklin at 656-0556.

Issued by Clemson University Media Relations

If you have questions about e-mail content, contact the information source
named in the e-mail above.

Audience Analysis: Clemson Students and Fike recreational center users, audience must know what Fike is and the importance of hot water, demographics: Clemson Area, Response: negative to no hot water, positive to being informed

Purpose: To inform the concerned parties (clemson students and Fike users) about the lack of hot water

Evidence: Giving the number for people to call about questions related to the outage

Ethics: moral obligation to inform that there are issues with the facility.

Katz response

I did not like how confusing the termonology he used, it was confusing using words he needed to constantly define.  But his point of veiw is valid.  From the beginning with the involvement of the memo from Hitlers “employee” you can understand how that uses rhetoric to create “the ethic of expediency.”  For me its hard to believe that there is anyway to dehumanize a race or justify an extermination, no matter what words are used.  If it involves killing millions of people then it is not justified (in my opinion).  But Katz explains how Hitler uses rhetoric to in his veiw “justify” his actions. 

"While ‘the continuous and steady application of methods for repressing a doctrine etc., makes it possible for a plan to succeed,’ Hitler proclaims,’this persistence…can always and only arise from a definite spiritual conviction. Any violence which does not spring from a firm, spiritual base, will be wavering and uncertain. It lacks the stability which can only rest in a fanatical outlook.’"

Hitler tries to make himself seem as if he is in the right, but ethically is killing/exterminating a race truly ethical? I would argue no way! Where is the ethics involving a genocide?

Katz “I also hope we agree that Hitler’s rhetoric, politics, and thics are not only based on insane hatred and racial prejudice, but also on the ethic of expediency carried to extremes and unchecked by any other ethical concerns, on science, technology, and reasons gone away.”

I also felt it was very strange that the author suggested we did this.  It makes sense, we justify why we need to be involved with wars, or invade countries.  We have to justify why some people dont get things, while others do.  We constantly change our wording and use rhetoric to make people believe it is right.  After 9/11 we were made to believe it was justified to go after terrorists and stereotype anyone that we may think potentially looks like one? We do use rhetoric to help justify why it is ethical. 

Reading Response: Philosophical Ethics

I would say that I have more of a reaction oriented ethical person.  The teleological ethics to me seems to explain my way of living.  With me there is no black and white, I have moral obligations, but I will choose the best decision based on how it will effect others and me.  When we discussed in class today about the Anne Frank scenario, my reaction was I would never tell where any Jews were.  But from the Deontological ethics veiw point you would answer the question truthfully, if you had to address every morla obligation and duty, you would be forced to tell them yes.  Even with simple scenarios with the jeans, I would do as this veiw point would, which is make both parties happy.  I wouldn’t lie, but I would soften my words so that it would not upset them, just tell them i didnt like those pants in general or that i didnt like the outfit, in a nice and softened way.  I feel that there is no black and white in the world when it comes to certain decisions,  but when it comes to business and the formal world there are certain ethics that are required, such as stealing, fraud, and embezzlement.  But in the scheme of life its consequences we’re run by.

I felt that this billboard really showed a strong statement for audience analysis.  It was speaking to African Americans to persuade them to become republican because Martin Luther King Jr. was a republican.  It appeals because a heroic and famous figure has had those views, which make the audience want to become.  The audience want to be like their idols.  So the National Black Republican Association wants other people to join and become republican.  They are implying that by becoming republican people can become their role models. 

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